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It Starts in Middle School

Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused substance among 12 and 13 year olds.

800,000 Kids Annually

800,000 12 to 17 year olds initiate prescription drug abuse every year.

asset-662% Find it in the Family
Medicine Cabinet

62% of teens cite ease of access in family medicine cabinets as their reason for abusing prescription drugs.

asset-8Teens Think Prescription
Drugs Are Safe

35% of teens say that prescription drugs
are safe. It’s no wonder – they come in the same container as their antibiotics.

LPVs Keep Your Kids Safe


10,000 possible combinations for you to select as your 4-digit pin.


LPVs are designed to require a tool to break open,
with specifically engineered points of failure that expose any tampering.

Visually Differentiated

Locking cap visually communicates that the medication
is more dangerous than other prescription drugs.

What You Can Do

Ask For LPVs At Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

LPVs are commercially available and are offered by selected pharmacies with your controlled substance prescriptions. If your pharmacy doesn’t carry LPVs, ask them to start so you can protect your family and community.

Share Your Story

Overdose and addiction effect many of our families and neighborhoods, and have even wiped out entire communities. Over 250,000 Americans have lost their lives, and countless others have lost their way. Join the rest who have overcome their shame to share their story.

Testimonials From Parents & Consumers

"I keep my medicine in my safe, but the LPV adds more peace of mind in case it is left out. I do recommend it to all who get narcotics."

"I tried to access the code as requested by my mom and was unable to do so after about 20 minutes, then gave up. Good bottle."

"I usually just throw my pill bottle of pain pills in my purse, so now I have some security that they would be harder to get into."

“This is a brilliant idea and I’m thankful I got my LPV. I have children in my home and having a locking vial puts me at ease knowing they won’t get my meds by mistake.”

“I think this is an amazing idea! Too many kids are stealing their parents’ prescriptions.”

“I travel a lot to the doctors with my teens. Now I feel a lot safer having this locking prescription vial to put in my purse to carry with me, and not be as worried about someone trying to take pills out.”

“I am very pleased with the locking vial - it prevents my kids from accessing medication.”

“I have always been worried about my mom’s medications being taken. Now I feel a bit better with these locking vials.”