Safe RXSubstantial Economic & Social Return

The average opioid abuser costs a private sector payer up to $20,000 annually in excess treatment costs, even before including the hidden downstream costs of soft tissue treatment, infectious disease (HIV, Hepatitis B & C) and liver and kidney disease. By preventing initiation and addiction, LPVs generate significant cost savings with immediate payback.

Safe RXUp to 4 Lives per day & 5 Million Teens

Eliminating pilfering with LPVs is estimated to save up to four lives per day and would prevent approximately 5 million teens from initiating abuse over a 10 year period. LPVs save money and lives while protecting patients and their families.

payer-3Significant Plan Sponsor Benefits 

Employers face significant costs from the Epidemics, including $42 billion annually in lost productivity alone. In regions with acute opioid abuse, shortages of qualified drug-free labor drive wages higher and produce operating difficulties. LPV dispensing can generate meaningful long-term gains for health plan sponsors.