Change A Supply Item into a Profitable SKU

Our pharmacy customers make money on the sale of LPVs to their patients at the pharmacy counter, with conversion rates as high as 92% with certain patient segments. Our LPVs convert a supply item into a profitable SKU.

Capture Market Share

53% of parents with teens in the household say they would switch to a chain that dispensed in LPVs, and 100% of patients that have used LPVs have recommended their pharmacy to others.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship often comes at a price. With LPVs, you can do well by doing good in your community. Join the other progressive pharmacies that are helping save thousands of lives and helping prevent millions of teens from initiating abuse.

Risk Management

Reducing diversion of narcotics is a key priority for all participants in the supply chain, and a hot button for regulators. Dispensing in LPVs and using locking containers in your distribution centers can help you with compliance.

Improved Pharmacist Job Satisfaction

Your pharmacists want to help by educating your patients. 88% of pharmacists believe that CR vials are ineffective in preventing teen access, and 100% believe that improvements to container security and patient education are necessary. Help your pharmacists treat their patients and families.

Reduce Shrink and Control Diversion

Our patented locking cap technology is being adapted to bulk containers in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Ask your manufacturers and suppliers to use locking containers to help reduce costly diversion in your distribution centers.


Low Cost

Minimal Increase to
Fill Time (3 Seconds)

Limited Capital or System
Investment by Pharmacy


The Encoding Process

Our encoding process takes approximately 3 seconds or less

Safe Rx Encoder

Step 1:
Align numbers with arrow on the cap

Step 2:
Press cap firmly down on the encoder

Testimonials From Pharmacists

"5 Stars! The product itself is exactly what people want."

"Very positive: just had a customer purchase again on refill. Some customers say no the first time, but buy it the second time they're in the store, after they've thought about it."

"They're great. Sometimes people say no on the 1st visit, but have asked for LPVs on the 2nd visit for refills."

"Patient response has been positive. My staff had a patient come in yesterday for a refill who specifically asked for the LPV."