As a concerned parent of two children, I have always been diligent to make sure they are wearing helmets when riding bikes or skiing and wearing seatbelts in the car.  Yet, the biggest statistical risk to our children’s safety is stored in our own home.  A simple push-and-twist can grant access to medications as deadly and addictive as cocaine or heroin.  Our home is very similar to most homes in America – we have prescription painkillers from surgeries, ER visits, and dental procedures.  Unfortunately, these medications are such an easy target for abuse.  And, like it or not abuse is happening, maybe not in your home, but next door, down the street and for certain in your neighborhood school.   Shockingly, the substances abused most among 12-13-year-olds isn’t beer or cigarettes – it is prescription medications as deadly as heroin and found in the majority of homes, unlocked and ready for a quick push-and-twist to take a few pills.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on design, testing, engineering, patents, and manufacturing… we finally have a SOLUTION”

I’m not just a concerned parent.   I’m also a practicing anesthesiologist and I deal with prescription narcotics on a daily basis.  These drugs are controlled via locking biometric safes monitored by the pharmacy with daily counts and audits to verify correct dosing and administration.   Discrepancies lead to further audits and potential drug screening and loss of licenses to practice medicine.  To simplify – we take narcotic storage and dispensing very, very seriously in the hospital setting.  Compare this to what happens in our homes when identical narcotic medications are dispensed from a pharmacy – they are sent home in prescription vials that a 6-year old can easily open.

I kept telling my wife that this seemed crazy and that somebody needed to do something about it. She finally told me, “STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!” So I did.  It started with the idea of designing a simple locking device for prescription medications, similar to a bike lock, that would keep people from easily accessing these medications.  Countless hours of testing and development over several years, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on design, testing, engineering, patents, and manufacturing… we finally have a SOLUTION that will safely store medications in the home, or anywhere we travel, in a convenient locking container that is simple to use and cost-effective.

But here’s where we need your help.   These LOCKING PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES won’t magically appear in everyone’s cabinets.  Like all worthwhile endeavors, this requires effort and a COMMUNITY to rally behind the cry, “WE NEED TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE – SECURE YOUR MEDICATIONS!”  So Please,

  • Educate your community (friends, kids, grandparents) about the rapidly growing issue of prescription drug abuse;
  • Safely secure your medications in a Locking Prescription Bottle;
  • Talk to your pharmacists, doctors, and dentists about the need to educate their patients about the dangers of prescription medication diversion and abuse; and
  • Ask your neighborhood pharmacies to dispense controlled substances in locking vials because it may not be your kids, but somebody else’s kids, that brings these drugs on the school bus or into the school. After all, it only takes two or three local children with access to unlocked controlled substances to start a crisis in your neighborhood.

Together, we can make our homes, schools, and communities a safer place for our children and future generations to live. 64,000 AMERICANS DIED IN 2016 FROM OPIOID OVERDOSES. WE NEED TO STOP THIS EPIDEMIC NOW!!!!

Thank you for your concern and help,

Sean & Tiffany Serell (Founders, Safe Rx)