Grant Help

We are grant funding eligible. If you have a current grant for lock boxes, bags, disposal products, Narcan, etc. then we fit into the same category as this.

If you are in the process of applying for a grant and need information to include locking pill bottles, then we can provide you with help completing the relevant sections related to our product, including data, product information, images, etc.

For larger grant applications we have a grant manager on our team who would be willing to research potential grant options and may even complete the grant on your behalf. 

If you have a budget available to spend on locking pill bottles, we can discuss options available and offer bulk discount pricing.

Whatever your situation, there are many possibilities for funding in your community.

Please get in touch to explore your options.

Opioid Settlement Funding


These funds can be used for a wide variety of strategies, including prevention.

– Every state is different when it comes to opioid settlement funds.