Safe Medication Storage On Campus

Help to Prevent Medication Misuse On-Campus with Safe Rx Locking Prescription Vials

Safe Rx Locking Prescription Vials are a low-cost and portable solution to safeguard unlocked medication. With students adjusting to living in shared housing and added social and academic stressors, safeguarding medication in a locking pill bottle will prevent medication diversion and deter intentional injury by pills.

  • Limit medication misuse on and off campus
  • Teaches students positive behaviors and habits surrounding medication use and storage
  • Deterrent for self-harm
  • Cost efficient for practical student giveaways 
  • Resale in student centers or campus pharmacies 
  • Campus pharmacy dispensing 
  • Recovery student housing



Of Students Safely Store Their Medications On Campus

The Lack Of Safe Storage Has Lead To:

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