Incorporate Safe Rx LPVsĀ® into your Clinical Operations

All healthcare professionals have a key role to play in the discussion surrounding safe dispensing and medication security. Once Scheduled medications cross the pharmacy counter and make their way into patients’ hands, they are typically unsecured and endanger patients, their loved ones and others. Whether provided in outpatient pharmacy, Meds to Beds programs, or at the point of prescribing in physician practices, LPVs play a critical role in medication security and patient safety.


Hospitals and Health Systems

LPVs play a critical role in acute care and managing population health, and systematically reduce uncompensated care from addiction and related procedures and admissions. Proven effective in preliminary dispensing trials and with third-party validation of their health economics, LPVs improve patient outcomes while reducing excess cost of care and uncompensated care, particularly in high-cost rural health settings. Continuing and new trials are in development to collect data for obtaining reimbursement for LPV dispensing and use. Contact us to learn more about LPV dispensing or to join or start a funded trial in you system or hospital.

Treatment Centers & Behavioral Health

With a recent best practices designation from NACCHO, and completed clinical studies in urban and rural health settings, LPVs are clinically proven to reduce the top three barriers to patient enrollment in MAT, which according to JAMA generates significantly improved patient outcomes and a 74% 12-month reduction in patient acute care utilization. Whether MAT or MOUD are administered…, medication security is an important part of patient care.

Given the cost savings from increased patient enrollment in MAT/MOUD as part of recovery treatment, reimbursement for LPV MAT dispensing is in discussions with selected payors. Please contact us to learn more about incorporating LPV dispensing into your clinical operation or for information on advocating for reimbursement with your patients’ plans.

“For patients in MAT programs, medication security is a risk, and the potential consequences of drug diversion are serious”

-John Ahler in Pharmacy Times.

Physician Practices


Safe Rx is proud to partner with healthcare leaders to address the importance of safe and secure medication storage.

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