Client Privacy

Low-Cost Medication Safety and Privacy Solution

Locking Prescription Vials provide portable and private storage of high cost or sensitive medications whether you’re at home, traveling or coworkers.

With an opaque bottle and locked cap, no one can see your medication, keeping your healthcare private.

Hear From Our Partners

“Here at Red Project, we work with individuals who take sensitive medications including treatments for HIV, Hepatitis C and Substance Use Disorder. Safe Rx has provided us with a wonderful tool for our clients to ensure their privacy and medical information is kept secure both in everyday life, and while traveling. The bottles also function perfectly to keep these medications away from children or pets, by providing another barrier to reduce potential harm. We hope that anyone who may need privacy and/or security in their medication bottle can access Safe Rx locking bottles, for they could be vital in protecting that individual or others from potential harm including overdose and poisonings. For sensitive and stigmatized populations, these serve well as social protectants as many individuals can lose their housing or social support if found to be accessing certain types of care. Safe Rx has begun alleviating some of these stressors, and will hopefully keep individuals adhering to their medication regimens. Regarding HIV medication, medication adherence is vital when it comes to bringing about the end of the HIV epidemic - which to this day still qualifies as an ongoing epidemic.”
Grand Rapids Red Project

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