Locking Prescription Vials

Safe storage saves lives.

An innovative solution to help prevent drug misuse, overdose, intentional injury and pediatric poisonings.

The Safe Rx Locking Prescription Vial (LPV®)


Safe Rx Locking Prescription Vials (LPVs®) are locked with a 4-digit code, ensuring only your patient or client can access their medications. LPVs are used by pharmacies and providers in dispensing and patient medication safety, and by prevention, harm reduction and other government and non-government organizations in their activities. Our healthcare customers and patients use LPVs for a range of applications.

Why Safe Rx?

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Custom Or Preset

Choose a dispensing kit to customize your patient’s 4-digit code, or pre-encoded single units for providing to patients. 



To keep your patient’s medication safe and private while traveling, at work or school, or on vacation.

Tamper Evident

Safe Rx LPVs will show damage to the engagement pins on the neck of the vial if any unauthorized access was attempted, alerting the owner.


Safe Rx LPVs have been independently tested to be 90% senior friendly and don’t require significant hand strength to open.

LPVs: A First Step in Modernizing One of the Most Successful Public Health Interventions in History 

The 1970 implementation of child resistant packaging generated a 45% reduction in US child mortality from drug and supplement poisonings, proving access control as an effective intervention- so much so that the entire developed world subsequently implemented it. In today’s world this important lesson in access control remains long forgotten, with the household containers carrying its legacy- including medication  bottles- hiding in plain sight and overlooked as simple everyday packaging.


Safe Rx LPVs are the first product to modernize the 1970 intervention, bringing a material solution to the opioid epidemic and other public health crisis. With third-party validated impact in preventing addiction and reducing excess healthcare costs, proven efficacy in clinical trials, and a best practice designation from leading health authorities, Safe Rx LPVs can make a material difference not only in patient outcomes but in healthcare bottom-lines. 

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