Opioid Epidemic

Safe Rx understands the significant impact the opioid epidemic has on the healthcare system. Through collaboration with Safe Rx, healthcare organizations, insurers, and pharmacies can combat the diversion and substance use disorder associated with opioids. Safe Rx solutions not only safeguard patients but also contribute to reducing the economic burdens posed by this crisis.

142 Million

Total opioid prescriptions annually in the US, enough for 43% of the U.S. population to receive a prescription.

>$100 Billion

Excess healthcare costs from opioid abuse borne by government and commercial payors and plan sponsors.

Locking Prescription Vials (LPVs)

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LPVs modernize one of the most successful interventions in global public health history. The 50-year old child-resistant cap intervention generated a 45% reduction in US child mortality from drug and supplement poisonings. Using LPVs for controlled substance dispensing can yield similar results in patient outcomes with substantially greater cost savings, reaching into the billions system-wide.

Clinical study results showing LPV efficacy are driving coverage for locking vial dispensing of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) drugs, with additional studies of broader controlled substance dispensing underway. In the most recent study, Safe Rx LPVs were shown to eliminate pilfering and reduce the top three barriers to patient enrollment in MAT programs.

LPV Efficacy Proof Points


Reduction in missing medication from study participants after using LPV.


Reduction in 12-month acute care utilization following MAT program enrollment, generating dramatic savings for insurers and plan sponsors.

By embracing locking vials, insurers support a proactive and preventive approach to wellness and healthcare, which translates into reduced medical expenses, fewer ER visits, and improved well-being for policyholders. Beyond financial benefits, LPV dispensing further aligns insurers with a broader societal commitment to fostering healthier communities.

Safe Rx: Empowering Health, Ensuring Security.

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